March 30, 2023

When shopping for one of the best smartwatches in the world, most people will consider things like screen size and resolution, connectivity options, various sensors, OS compatibility, and of course, pricing as key deciding factors. But perhaps you should also think about what wearable device is more likely to save your life in a thorny situation.

Based on a multitude of news reports and user confessions on social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter, that’s probably the Apple Watch. Any Apple Watch version released anytime in the last few years, to be more specific, starting with the Series 4 back in 2018, when ECG and fall detection technology were added to an already robust list of health monitoring capabilities.
But none of those two features are actually responsible for the latest life saved by an Apple Watch Series 7, with the good old fashioned heart rate sensor apparently working in conjunction with a newer blood oxygen reader to send a user in distress to the ER at just the right time.
As Redditor “digitalmofo” reports, his Series 7’s heart rate monitor picked up some very unusual activity during a “quick nap”, sending around a dozen notifications about a racing pulse. Unfortunately, said alerts initially went unnoticed as both the Apple Watch and connected iPhone were set to Do Not Disturb, but fortunately, the wearable’s owner woke up to find the notifications and immediately video called their doctor.

After a quick chat and a comparative review of blood oxygen and pulse readings, said doctor called 911 and the ensuing visit to the ER revealed “severe” internal bleeding. 

That’s obviously not something the world’s most popular smartwatches can detect… at the moment, but luckily, the heart often raises red flags about issues affecting other parts and organs, and the Apple Watch frequently uses that information to not only make your life better but also longer.

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