March 30, 2023

Ever since Samsung made the 2021 Galaxy Z Fold 3 compatible with an S Pen, we’ve been hearing rumors about the stylus becoming a more integrated part of the package.

See, on phones like the Galaxy S23 Ultra and the Galaxy Notes before it, the S Pen has a slot right on the phone, where it can be stored and charged. Plus, it is literally a part of the purchase, included in the box. If you want to use an S Pen with a Galaxy Z Fold 3 or Galaxy Z Fold 4, that’s a separate purchase and then you have to look for a case that provides a slot for storage. Otherwise, you risk losing or constantly forgetting the stylus.
Hopeful leaksters were saying that the Z Fold 4 would have an S Pen slot, just like its Note siblings. Obviously, that didn’t happen, so speculation turned towards the Galaxy Z Fold 5. Supposedly, Samsung is working on an all-new hinge design, which would free up space for the silo. However, this latest rumor says the opposite:

No S Pen slot in the Galaxy Z Fold 5

Apparently, design decisions have been finalized and Samsung opted to make a thinner Galaxy Z Fold 5, instead of carving room for an S Pen inside it (thus, making it thicker). We can’t say we didn’t see this one coming — we did get a sneak peek at a Z Fold 5 prototype back in January, and that one looked way too thin to be housing a stylus.

Samsung is feeling pressure from competitors like the Oppo Find N2 and the supposed Google Pixel Fold, which come (or will come) with a thinner, more spread-out design. Compared to the Find N2, the Z Fold 4 feels kind of chunky, so we guess the priority is to get the feel and design comfort on point, before revisiting the idea about having an S Pen inside the phone.

Supposedly, Samsung has been working on a super-thin S Pen design, looking to strike the perfect balance between the stylus size and writing comfort. We do find that the stylus inside the latest Galaxy S23 Ultra is quite thin and we can’t even imagine how much girth Samsung can shave off before it starts feeling like a toothpick. As per the leakster, Sammy wasn’t able to come up with an acceptable design on time as the Z Fold 5’s specs are getting locked-in.

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