May 28, 2023

Some people love the Pixel’s At a Glance widget while others don’t like it. The widget is chock full of information that shows up near the top of the Pixel lock screen. It shows you the current weather, timer, stopwatch and alarm status, data from fitness apps, whether your flashlight is on (and a way to tap it off), images from a doorbell camera, alert you when there has been a package delivered, and more.

The At a Glance widget on a Pixel phone will tell you when to leave to arrive at an appointment on time based on current traffic, show you the current AQI (air quality index), and even warn you when there has been an earthquake in your area.
According to 9to5Google, the latest version of Google Assistant for Wear OS (1.5.67.x) shows that Google is working on a feature for the Pixel Watch called “proactive_complications.” In other areas of the app, this new feature for the Pixel Watch is referred to as “At a Glance.”

Judging from what 9to5Google was able to find from the hidden code, the “At a Glance” complication will be offered only on the Pixel Watch and will be limited to showing the weather or a countdown to an upcoming event. If there is no upcoming event to show the countdown to, the complication would only show the weather. By the way, for those not aware, a complication on a watch is any function on the timepiece other than the display of the time.

The strings of code that were discovered by 9to5Google included these:

Assistant collects location data to enable weather in At a Glance even when the app is closed or not in use.

Today jpg\xb0 / \xb0

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Based on the above strings of code, the format would be similar to the weather forecasts that appear on the At a Glance widget on Pixel handsets. The problem is that the complication might only fit comfortably with the Utility watch face in the Modular II and III configurations. Another possibility is that Google plans to release a new watch face for the Pixel Watch that would be designed to fit the At a Glance complication. No Pixel Watch user would ever object to a new watch face.

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