March 29, 2023

Google is a giant company and their Pixel phones have always impressed in one way or another. Their latest flagships the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are among the best smartphones you can buy, with special regards to amazing camera performance. The budget Pixel 6a isn’t a slouch either, with it offering top-tier performance at an affordable price, which is precisely why it was one of the best phones of 2022.

That being said, Google has never put this much effort into marketing their smartphones. To help them with this goal, the Big G has coined the term “Pixel Value”. This is a term used to refer to all unique features that Pixel phones have when compared to the competition, regardless of if other Android phones are getting them at a later date. The point is that Pixel owners are getting them first.

Google claims that the key to victory with their flagships lies in the way they are built, for they are built to last. They are engineered to have their software upgraded, which is precisely what happens through Google’s regular Feature Drops.

Pixel Value: getting it before other Android devices get it

During its latest ad campaign, Google took time to comment on the physical build of the Pixels too, calling it “Refined Craftsmanship”. The combination of high-quality and recycled materials result in a smartphone, which is both eco-friendly and durable, as to fit with the entire “built to last” idea.

But everyone knows that Pixels are about the software. About the little features, functions and tweaks that you can’t truly find on other smartphones with the same quality. Some of them include the AI-powered Call Assist or the ever-capable Google Assistant, but also the recently rolled out Clear Calling and Direct My Call. Some of these are planned to slowly become introduced to older Pixel flagships, which again reinforces the idea of longevity.

As previously stated, the visual post-processing of the Google Tensor chips inside the Pixel flagships makes for some brilliant photography. This, of course, is also getting highlighted, with features such as Magic Eraser getting demonstrated in Google’s latest Super Bowl ad.

To wrap everything up in a shiny bow that is meant to convince you to go for that Pixel purchase, Google reminds you that switching to a Pixel is an effortless, modular experience, allowing you to choose what you want to bring over.

With Google seemingly switching to high gear regarding promoting its Pixel flagships, we can’t help but wonder what the company has in store for us with the Pixel 8 series of flagships. But even if you don’t want to wait until the line is introduced, we can’t blame you: the current generation of Pixel flagships already demonstrate the Pixel Value.

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