March 29, 2023

An image of what is believed to be the upcoming Sony Xperia 1 V has popped up online, highlighting the changes that have been made to the camera array.

The Xperia I IV features a vertical camera bump with a 12MP main unit, a 12MP ultrawide snapper, and a 12MP telephoto shooter. It also has a ToF (Time of Flight) sensor for determining depth information and an RGB IR sensor for optimal white balance adjustments.

Even though he isn’t completely sure if the picture is authentic, he has made a few interesting observations. Firstly, it looks like Sony’s next flagship will do away with the 3D ToF and RGB-IR sensors. He adds that the AI ​​focus tracking technology will likely make up for the missing ToF unit.

ZACKBUKS also believes that the phone sports new main and ultra-wide angle sensors. That’s interesting because an earlier leak had said the phone could feature a new telephoto camera. If both these rumors pan out, the Xperia V will have a wholly new camera array from top to bottom and this may help it become the best camera phone of 2023.

Other than that, the camera island now houses the flash unit, giving the phone a cleaner look. The mic has also been placed on the camera strip, to allow for clearer voice recording while shooting videos.

The phone has an NFC logo, which implies it’s the international model.

Sony could reveal the phone during MWC Barcelona 2023 which kicks off later this month but the actual release might still be some months away.

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