March 30, 2023

Bad news for Xfinity customers who joined Comcast’s service specifically for the free Peacock subscription. In just a few months, the company will no longer offer customers free Peacock, a perk that was provided since 2020 when the streaming service officially launched.

Granted, Comcast only offered free access to the ad-supported version of Peacock Premium, customers still saved $5 per month by simply subscribing to Xfinity. Unfortunately, Xfinity subscribers will lose this perk come June 26, 2023, Variety reports.

Apparently, the information about the changes to Xfinity services was posted on Reddit and confirmed by an NBCU spokesperson. The freebie will be removed from Xfinity customers in waves beginning early April.

  • Starting April 3, Peacock Premium will no longer be included for new Xfinity video and Flex customers
  • Starting June 26, Peacock Premium will no longer be included for existing Xfinity video and Flex customers
  • Starting June 26, existing Peacock Premium subscribers will need to resubscribe via their X1 or Flex set top box or

The news doesn’t come as a surprise since Comcast confirmed last year that it will remove free access to the Peacock Premium streaming service for Xfinity customers. The only detail left to clarify was when exactly that will happen.At the moment, all Comcast Xfinity X1 and Flex subscribers are getting Peacock Premium with ads for free (normally priced at $5 per month). Additionally, they are eligible for a 50% discount on the no-ads package, which typically costs $10 per month.

Peacock revealed last month that it ended 2022 with 20 million paid subscribers, a significant increase from 9 million a year earlier. More importantly, the number confirmed by NBCU doesn’t include free or promotional accounts.

It’s worth mentioning though that Peacock’s performance was heavily influenced by the streaming success of the World Cup, as well as the addition of very popular shows like Yellowstone to its library. It remains to be seen if the streaming service will continue to grow in 2023, but if that happens, numbers will probably much lower than last year’s.

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